Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rat Bling

 This summer has been all about the new Ultra Limited. My wife and I have been enjoying getting out on the bike and that means the other bikes get less attention. With an upcoming bike show I needed some time to prep the Rat and I used Labor Day as that last ditch effort.
 I didn't get a lot done. I kept getting side tracked. I did manage to tie up a few loose ends like painting the fuel cap, touching up some paint on the engine and fix a fuel drip that was starting at the sediment bowl where I forgot to seal a fitting.

  Part of the fun of this bike is that I can just do whatever I feel at the time. If I don't like it I'll grind it off and do something different. If you zoom on this pic and are familiar with the bike then you'll notice some extra bling on the muffler, exhaust pipe, side of tank and gas cap.
 The bike is kinda getting away from me. What I mean is that I'm just starting to bolt crap on it. Whatever crap is laying around. People are even giving me crap and suggesting it would fit the Rat Turd. I guess it doesn't matter but I still want to come up with an idea for a unique front suspension setup. I have a couple ideas floating around upstairs but nothing definite.
 If you have nothing planned on saturday why not come to the Watson Street Classic Cycle Show in Ripon. The car show is also going on and there are a lot of cool local rides on display.

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