Sunday, September 27, 2015

Great Weather

I'm posting live from the bike show being held in Green Lake Wi. Its gonna be a sunny day and really make those great paint jobs pop. Sun doesnt reflect off the Rat Turd. It just gets soaked up in a blurr off bedliner and black paint.
I got here a little early but not as bad as Al and Vicki. I'm parked next to the Buzz Lightyear bike and I can see their Vette in the car show. It's Als birthday so I'm not sure where he is or if he'll stick around all day but I already warned him he would have to pick up his own trophy. Last year I delivered it to him at his house. I'm sure he threw it on the pile with all the other awards. I tease him about it but I know his real reward is when kids pose for pics in front of the bike. It's fun. My bike is more likely to be vomited on than digitized.
Well there are a few bikes here I'm anxious to check out. Gotta go.

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