Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Unidentified Flying Object

 On Sunday the 27th of September my wife and I were outside sitting in our driveway watching the lunar eclipse just like many people were doing that night. I know the neighbors on both sides of us were out watching and so were the ones across the street. In fact the neighbor across the street was wise enough to shine a bright flashlight at the street light sensor and get it to shut off. This made viewing much better. While we were waiting for the last sliver of moon to disappear something happened that I can't explain. Something passed overhead that I couldn't identify so I guess I saw a UFO. Ya I know you think I'm nuts and I hesitate to type this but I saw something.
 Coming from in front of me and flying low were a set of faint orange/pink lights that were either in formation or connected to something transparent. They moved fast. They went from the tree line in front of me to the roof line behind me in a matter of seconds. There was no sound except crickets and the voices of neighbors on the other side of their house. I was immediately reminded of the way the Klingon spaceship is portrayed in the star trek movies. You know, the blurry transparency of the cloaked ship.
 Seconds had passed and I was freaking out. Nobody in the neighborhood was saying anything about a UFO. I asked my wife if she saw that and at the same time she was asking me wtf that was. I was relieved to hear that she also saw it. We confirmed with each other what we just witnessed and had no idea what it was but were glad it didn't beam us up. After a few more minutes of star gazing for the mother ship we decided it was best to just go inside. The eclipse wasn't exciting anymore.
 Everyone was outside looking into the night sky so maybe someone else saw something. We checked the social media sites and sure enough it turns out others reported seeing something unusual in the area. My wife and I were both thrilled to know someone else saw what we saw even if we are being invaded by little grey men. I later talked with someone I have known for years that also eyeballed something in the night sky. He agrees it wasn't meteorites or any other explainable object.
 So what was it? Rocks or dust from outer space shooting across the night sky? A candle balloon launched from the other side of town? Maybe it was a flock of geese carrying chem sticks. Does our military have some type of silent prototype aircraft they wanted to test on a night they knew a lot of people would be looking up? I don't know. Maybe... just maybe... we are not alone.

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