Sunday, September 13, 2015

Is Summer Comng To An End?

 It's been cool the last few days. A drastic change from the hot dry summer we've experienced here in central Wisconsin. It's now sweatshirt weather. I worked outside yesterday while wearing my sweatshirt and I'm most comfortable that way. During the course of my work I encountered a young lad riding his bike. He was just rippin' wheelies back and forth. Man did that bring back memories. Riding his bike up and down the road poppin' wheelies just like I did when I was a kid.  He was in the area where I wanted to spray the weeds in the grass so I stopped to ask him to stay off the lawn.
 "Who are you, Evel Knievel?", I asked. He grinned. He knew who I was talking about. Evel was my hero when I was young. It seems even though he is dead and hasn't jumped anything in almost four decades he still has young followers that dream of the glory associated with launching your bike through the air, successful landing or not. This particular lad reminded me a lot of myself when I was his age. He wasn't afraid of a stranger and spoke to me like he was raised to respect his elders. His JOB this summer was to ride his bike. That's the way it was for us when I was young. We rode our bikes. That's what we did. Oh sure there were BB guns, building forts and launching rockets but our main focus was riding our bikes. Wake up, eat breakfast, ride. Eat lunch, ride. Eat dinner, ride till dark then clean up and go to bed. Things have changed now that I'm grown up but how much? Wake up, ride to work, perform work. Ride to lunch, work some more and ride home. Grab the old lady, ride to restaurant for dinner then come home and go to bed. I worked saturday and still managed to put a few hundred miles on the bike before giving it up for the day.

 I was gonna compare the changing of seasons to my advancement in years. If its sweatshirt weather then I'm well past the halfway point. Screw that. I'm not out there rippin wheelies, well not on the Ultra anyway, but I am enjoying riding just like I did when I was young and I'm not ready to slow down. If the opportunity is there to get out on a bike then I take it...just like I did in the springtime of my life.
 They say it's gonna warm up next week.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by! I enjoy your posts very much! As I age ('71 was a good year) I refuse to 'power down'; FULL THROTTLE BABY!
    -cool picture