Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Fleet

 Until winter rolls around I have use of my entire garage. Once it gets cold I'll give my wife back her stall so she doesn't have to scrape windows. Because I plow snow in the winter I need to sometimes leave home in a moments notice and I need my truck to start. This means I too will want to park in the garage. That means something has to change.

What do you see? I see space for another bike.

 I have a small dilemma. One part of me needs the garage space to park my truck. Another part of me looks at this picture and thinks "I could easily squeeze one or two more bikes in there."

 I have enough work to do on the bikes that I don't need another project. The BSA is still completely disassembled. The sporty no longer needs to be my touring bike so it may go through a metamorphosis soon and the Rat is a never ending work in progress. Cleaning the Ultra is a huge project on its own. That means the bikes need to find homes this winter and I think I found a spot for the Rat Turd.

 I made a comment to my wife about how I'd like to decorate the living room this winter. I was so thrilled by her response that I had to get it in writing. It reads:
Scott: I think the Rat Turd should sit in the living room this year.
Stacey: Fine.
I asked her to sign and date it just in case she develops old timers disease and forgets. Not that she's old.

 Today is the day we officially become empty nesters. We will be out on the bike enjoying the holiday weekend.

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