Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I Fix These

 So I'm looking at this torpedo heater that came in for repair and appears to be covered in mud. I jokingly asked the guy if it was covered in cow shit. The reply I got back was "yes". Yuck.
 The new boss walks by and asks if I fix these too? Ya I fix em, cuz nobody else wants to. The truth is I like the variety.

 This one needs some fixin. The smoke rollin out of it was the first clue.

I fix these too.

 It's a concrete saw. Normally the engine is spring mounted to the handle assembly. When the anti-vibe springs broke I guess the job wasn't done yet so they used a ratchet strap to hold it together. Yikes.

 I fix ice augers too. These two are done and ready for fishing on the lake. Yeah!

 Here we are four days into the new year. How's it going? I've been better. We say it's a new year but really it's just a dot on the timeline of our lives. For now, a continuation of a cold winter. No riding has got me grumpy and I can see it in the way I've treated people close to me. If I followed tradition and made a resolution for the year, it would be to be a better person toward others. Not such a dickhead. It should be easy to do, easier than a diet. I'll give it a try.



  1. I have one of those torpedo heaters lying around. Looks like about the same size and vintage and doesn't start reliably. Once it starts it'll stay running.

    I think a diet may be easier...

  2. The first thing to check is the pump pressure. If it's low and can't be brought up to spec then you gotta find out why, usually a cracked pump cover.