Wednesday, February 19, 2020

More Triple Rack

 We had some snow the other night and that slowed down my progress on the tool rack project. Getting to work at 1:30am to plow snow really jacks up my schedule. I know I've said that before, and even recently, but its true. I like plowing and the timing of the snow events has been great from the point of view that we are able to get parking lots clean before cars arrive. I guess the only bad part is my sleep schedule.
 Looking back at last weeks video tells me there is some progress to report. The door is painted red. Ya I know I said I might spice things up but I'm cheap and already had the red paint. I can always change things up later if I go through some kind of mood swing and need a change of scenery.

 This wood panel is the one the door is hinged to. I glued this magnet into the wood to hold the door in place while gliding it into the cabinet/open position. My wood working tools collection is pitiful and I had to reshape a cold chisel for doing this wood work.
 Below the eagle on the sportster sissy bar overlooks the three panels that are now painted grey. These are the panels that will actually hold the tools. Choosing the shade of grey took about two nanoseconds and was decided in stride as the dude at the paint store and I walked toward the aisle with the paint I needed. He asked what color and I reached out and grabbed a grey sample while walking by. Never missed a beat.

 The panels were white with primer and looked nice and bright but I knew that my greasy hands would soon turn them grey anyway so why not try to hide the dirt a bit.

 While I was mocking up those panels I noticed that they slid too deep into the cabinet and might hit the back panel I was about to install. After removing 1/4" I'm left with six panels that have 19 3/4"  x  50" of usable space for hanging tools. Thats almost 42 square feet and I'm not even counting the seventh panel that is the back of the door slide. I started wondering about how much storage space I'm actually gaining and started comparing the triple rack to the triple bank 72" box it hangs on. If you go on the basis that tools in the box will only be one layer thick then its easy to compare size. Each panel is about the same square footage as the big drawer in the tool box. That means my new triple rack will theoretically hold about as many tools as the big center section and the left section of the 72. Of course the box will hold bulkier tools and a lot more weight but I thought it was fun to compare.

  I like to try to keep the dust down in the shop and temps were just right for some outdoor work. The ground was froze so when setting a wood piece down it didn't get wet but it was just warm enough to not need a jacket between cuts. Somehow working over a garbage can seems appropriate when you consider my lack of woodworking skills.  Thats all for now. I'm hoping my next report involves an assembled project with something hanging on at least one panel.



  1. With my lack of organization, I’ll end up looking on both sides of the panels, then through all the drawers looking for a tool that is still sitting on the workbench. I’m interested to see what ends up on the panels.

    1. I have a little bit of a plan but am having problems with the details. I'm kinda interested to see what ends up on the panels myself!