Wednesday, February 26, 2020

First Panel Complete

 Last week I showed you a video that included a mocked up panel on the triple rack that was designed to hold spray cans. That panel is now complete and functioning. It looks really simple and it is in design but there was a lot of work behind the scenes to get it done. Remember, there are a hundred different ways this could have been done but I'm a gearhead on a budget and chose a method that involved more labor than money.
 The first step was looking at materials available to me for cheap and then making a plan. If you've followed any of my previous projects then you know my thinking usually goes something like "how can I make this stuff I have available work" rather than "what should I buy to make it work".  My brother had some pieces of stainless steel he was willing to donate to the cause and I accepted. I had a few pieces of 1 x 4 pine and cut them to size then mocked up some cans so I could cut a few grooves in the wood to accept the steel.

 To bend the stainless steel 90 degrees without a brake I decided to cobble together a type of press brake. First I scored the steel with a cutoff wheel so it would bend where I wanted it to.

 We have a nice selection of steel we use with the press and also have a pair of blocks that allow us to lay a big piece of angle iron on top of. Then its just a matter of putting another piece of angle on top and getting the whole works to stay put while squeezing it with the press.

 The finished product turned out as well as I could have expected and the stainless cleaned up decent enough for a tool shelf. I can store 24 standard diameter cans on this rack which is plenty for day to day use. Bulk storage can happen somewhere else. Ya know when I first started thinking about this project I envisioned the actual panels to be made out of steel and all the tool holders from steel as well. Wow that would have been a nightmare. I kinda like this first panel with the grey wood panel and touch of stainless steel to give it that industrial feel. I also like the fact that those cans are no longer cluttering my work area.

 Stay tuned for more tool panel updates.


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