Sunday, February 16, 2020

Triple Rack Update

 Last time I reported slow progress on the triple rack. It would appear that things are still going slow but actually a lot of work goes into these small accomplishments. Cut stock, mock up, primer, change the plan and start over, screw ups, paint, trip to store and then assembly. Don't forget pics and video, it all takes time. Some of the work was done at home, some at the shop and some at my brothers house in his heated shop.

 In the end it doesn't look like I got much done but I can see light at the end of the tunnel for the box and panels. The final step will be laying out the panels for tools and making the actual tool holders.
 Here are the individual slide holders. Getting all twelve aligned wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but in the end the panels work pretty smoothly.

 Even this slide works nice but it didn't earlier when I had accidentally run a screw through it.

 I'm no wood worker but I was able to figure out that if I clamped a piece of wood along side this piece of plywood I'd be able to use my new forstner bit to create this relief for the lock mechanism.

Check out the progress on the triple rack in this weeks video:



  1. This is nice video series which make it easy for follow along with the project. Not that I’m that ambitious. But very well done.

  2. Thanks. I guess I never thought about it as a series but thats exactly what it is. Slow progress makes it a series. I'm not dragging it out on purpose but I should think about these things more in order to pace my needs for fresh video. Right now it goes something like this: "crap, I need footage for tomorrow"!