Sunday, February 9, 2020

Triple And A Half Rack

 The Triple Rack I told you about last time has been upgraded to a triple and a half rack. You'll have to watch the video to find out why.
 In the video you'll see a door I made out of 10 gauge steel. I used this heavier steel so that it would hold its shape and not need support to keep it from bending. Working with this gauge steel can be a pain when you don't have big industrial equipment. Heck, the 4 x 8 sheet alone weighs 180 pounds. Once I got the piece outside for cutting things got much easier. A concrete saw with metal cutting blade will eat through this about as fast as a jig saw through plywood. Making straight lines is easy too because of the large diameter of the blade and once you're cutting on the line, its hard to move off that line. The only difficulty I see is when guys are holding these saws above their starting point trying to get aligned for the cut. The gyroscopic effect of the saw makes it hard to just drop it on the line. Heres a tip. With the saw running but the blade not turning, set the saw on the ground in front of the work and just tip it forward until the blade touches the steel and aligns with your mark. Now let it eat for an inch or so then pick up the saw and continue. Works perfect every time.

 Check out todays episode of the Triple Rack:



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    1. Thanks. It seems simple and durable enough to hold up to daily use but we'll see.