Sunday, February 2, 2020

Tool Box Rack

 I think it was last week when I talked about my next tool box addition and how I was going to use a six drawer locker in the build. Thats changed and I'll talk about why in the video but first lets take a look at how I'll help keep this gearhead on a budget. The boss had some of the crew cleaning up the yard and I hinted to them that if they ran across any one inch square tubing that was destined for the dumpster that they should let me know. They found a few pieces.

 The green thing was a rolling ladder with some rust issues down by the base. The red pieces were part of some sort of rack. Those pieces laying on the ground that I salvaged will make up the bulk of the framework and of course the price was right.
 This next pic is an edit to the video. I decided to lower the height of this new rack by about a foot. Partially to reduce cost by keeping some of the wood materials cut off waste to a minimum and partially because it would have been a bit uncomfortably tall for me. And finally, this lower height leaves the potential for yet another small project.

 It should all make sense after this video but be warned. I've changed the design twice since I wrote the above paragraphs last night. Who knows what this thing is gonna look like when its done.


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