Sunday, February 23, 2020

Triple Rack-First Tools On A Panel

 This weeks update of the triple rack includes items actually attached to a panel although they are still kind of in the "what if" stage of layout. The video promises some detail on how I vertically mounted a tray of T-handle wrenches so lets get right into it.
 The video will show the end result but here is the back side of a blow molded tray of T-handle allen wrenches. The plan was to put magnets behind the tray to hold the wrenches in place. The problem was that I didn't know how many it would actually take to keep the tools secure while opening, closing and bumping the panel they'd be mounted on. Harbor Freight finally had a sale on 18" magnetic tool holders so I bought a bunch of them. Each of these tool holders consist of eight 2" magnets that can be easily removed from their holder. I taped those magnets in place behind where the metal shanks of the T-handles would live.

 The next step was to spray the back side of the tray full of expanding foam insulation. Not only will this keep my tools warm and snuggly but will hold the magnets in place and give the blow molded tray some structure for screwing it to the panel.

 The final step was to stop by Uncle Tommys house and borrow a wood saw. Ya, I don't own a wood saw. Not that it matters a whole lot but a fine tooth blade would work better for this application.

 All thats left is to screw the tray to the triple rack panel. Check it out:



  1. I really like that setup with the magnets holding things in place. I was originally thinking of hooks or something and thought that fishing things out when they fall off would be a real pain. Good solution!

  2. Thanks. The reason I didn't go with pegboard was the clumsy hooks. I plan to make sturdy easy access holders for everything I put in here if at all possible.