Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Triple Rack

 Until I come up with a better name, triple rack is how I'm going to reference this latest addition to my work center. I've told you about wanting to build this thing and made a dozen changes to the plan already but now that I've started work on it the size has been set.
 First things first. I had to cut my salvaged 1" square tube to size.

 Some of the pieces were still too short after cutting them twice and our tubing stretcher is out on loan so I had to weld a few pieces together to get all the long lengths I needed.

 Its a simple design that bolts to the side of the 72" box but I added an extra swivel caster to help support the weight. This is pretty much a stationary tool box and only gets moved for cleaning or when I'm working on it. This should be fine.

 Yes I mounted it while the paint was still wet. Thats just the way I roll.

 I've told you that the design has changed a few times and one of the reasons is the door. If I put a traditional fixed hinge door on here then when you open the door and pull out a rack the door will be blocking one side of one end panel. That would suck to not be able to use 1/6th of the available space because of a design oversight. Yes if the door could swing 180 degrees we would be fine but take a look at the above pic. If the door is on the right it will open 90 degrees and hit the step on the 72. If the door is on the left it will hit the work bench. I have an idea for a sort of pocket door but thats all I'm gonna say about it for now.

 Because of all the design changes its been hard to come up with a material list but I made a trip to the lumber yard anyway and think I have everything I'll need. Two sheets of 5/8 sanded plywood, one sheet of that cheap brown crap and six 2x4 studs. The slides were the biggest part of the budget at around ninety dollars. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that my wife graciously donated me a gift card she had to fund this project. I'd also like to point out that the card is now empty. Just saying.


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