Friday, August 25, 2017

Hot Springs

Today Ed and I decided to ride to Hot Springs for lunch. It seems all our rides are based on where we want to eat and then we plan a route. We got there a little early and had time to wander around town, do some window shopping and chill by the river. Lunch was at the Iron Horse Station and was good as usual.
I had pre-plotted the return trip in my official Harley GPS equipped radio but sadly it ate all but the first leg. I had looked at a map earlier and had a general idea of where I needed to go but it turns out I made a wrong turn anyway. This worked in our favor as we enjoyed fresh asphalt through a twisty mountain pass. The shoulder hadn't been edged yet so there was limited gravel spit up by reckless cages. I suspect word gets around fast about secret clean back roads as we saw a few knee draggers racing through there.
The weather has been great with temps more wisconsin like that usual. I haven't even unpacked the bike cover yet and may not have to this trip. Theres been talk about dining in Cherokee tonight. No route planning needed for that ride. Hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway till we get there.


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