Saturday, August 26, 2017


The bike is parked for the night and I find myself tipping back a few cool ones. I'm  just waiting for my stomach to growl and tell me it's time to walk over to the sports bar and find some grub.
I put over six hundred miles behind me and except for the heat and some closed rest stops I suppose today went fine. I kept up an Iron Butt pace and could have been home this evening but my ass would have been hurtin. I just didn't see the point in pushing it and now that the eclipse has passed,  motel rates are back to normal. I say that because on the way down I stopped in Paducah and paid double the normal rate. Bastards.
I have no words of wisdom or deeps thoughts to share. In fact I didn't think about much of anything today. I just rode, observed my surroundings and monitored the fuel gauge. No complaints.
There's the growl I've been waiting for.



  1. How did the "Crazy Bobs" seat pad work for you?

  2. I used just the honeycomb gel pad with decent results. Not great but better.