Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Workshop Wednesday-Fail, Fail, Fail...Nailed it!

 It's Wednesday. I leave for vacation on Saturday. That means I need to make it three more days without driving myself nuts or screwing up and getting hurt at work. Odds are I'll be fine but shit happens and the fact that I can't control it makes me uneasy.
 There are a bunch of repairs sitting on the incoming shelf and the in-progress shelf is full. I think I have enough time to get all these jobs done unless there are parts to be ordered. Then again, if things go like they did yesterday, I may not get them all looked at. Sometimes it seems it doesn't even pay to get out of bed in the morning...

 Replacing this muffler should have been as simple as turning out four bolts and making the swap. Not. One screw came out normally. The rest had to have a nut welded to the head and be turned out that way. One was kinda hidden and required "modifying" the old muffler. I hate working on concrete saws. There's never a simple fix on these machines that run in the worst possible conditions.
 Some repairs aren't repairs at all. Many times I find the problem and determine repairs would exceed replacement cost. In this case a new crankshaft assembly, gaskets and labor are needed. Plus, we still need to find the fuel problem that hydro locked the engine. By the time I'm done the cost is close to buying a new one with a warranty.  Dumpster filler.

  Other times you think the situation is under control only to find things are fouled up beyond your wildest imagination. I instructed one guy how I wanted some simple landscaping done. He was to grab a couple more guys to help. When I went out a little later to check on them, this is what I found...

One tractor stuck in the retention pond and eight guys scratching their heads trying to get it out. Of course moments after this pic was taken, the boss rolled up and saw the whole thing.

 The good news is that the day has to come to an end sometime. The best radio in the house is the one on the Ultra so sometimes I find myself winding down with a cool one while sitting on the bike...and no, I don't make vroom vroom noises.


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