Sunday, August 13, 2017


 I've been pretty good about remaining calm before leaving on vacation. I'm excited to go but trying to remain calm. In the past I would get all worked up and the time would pass quite slowly. There are still six days before I head out on my annual bike trip to the Smoky Mountains and I suppose a lot could go wrong. I have a heightened awareness of things that could screw up my voyage. I don't do any heavy lifting that could injure my back and I don't do any crazy shit on the bike that could put it in a state of disrepair. Ya, it's a little like superstition but I don't need any bad juju before leaving on a long awaited trip. I suppose it's because I get one week a year, so there's no second chance for a trip.  I'm not packed yet but I have a bunch of stuff "staged" and ready to pack. The bike needs a bath and an oil change. Otherwise I've made a list and just need to throw all that crap in the bike before leaving.
 The route isn't planned and probably won't be. I've been down this road quite a few years now and won't even need the gps unless I decide to look for something particular on the way down. In fact, I'm more concerned about what music I'll load on the thumb drive than where I'll spend the first night. I suspect the weather is the only thing that will change my route from last year.
 Today is supposed to be pretty nice and I'm not sure if that oil change is gonna happen. Maybe I'll see you on the road.



  1. I'm trying to put myself in travel mode. This is the first year I haven't had to beg and in hopes of getting the time off. I've changed my plans so many times this year already that I'm back to winging it. Only want to be to Maggie before noon on Monday and to spend a evening in Ohio on the way home.
    Oil changed, latest Boom update done and installed a wire harness for a head set that should be here this week.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the headset. It works awesome and people dont even know I'm calling them from a bike. On the other hand, the bimbo in the radio doesn't understand english. Oh sure she understands preset commands but struggles with my input. Me: Destination-Madison Wisconsin. Her: Did you say Augusta Georgia?