Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April Showers Bring Snow Plowers

  Its not unusual to get snow in April and I enjoy plowing snow at work but this close to the riding season is a real punch in the gut. Just when the weather was hovering above freezing and the roads were almost salt free, we get the biggest storm of the season. Here we got a foot of snow while just north in Green Bay I heard they got their second largest snow accumulation on record at two feet. That's not lake effect snow, no sir that's good old fashioned precipitation.
 For me this event meant an eighteen hour tour of duty in a plow truck. That was preceded by an all day run by the first shift and will be followed up by a clean up shift. I spent the better part of the next day in a truck cleaning loading docks and trailer parking stalls. We won't be done before the next predicted storm of 3-5" arrives. The wind has been strong and with the ice buildup we had the result was a lot of downed trees and branches. Its good to be busy and have work available but we really would rather doing spring-like activities.

 The delivery man was at my house and dropped off some stuff I can play with in the spray booth. Some of the stencils are cool but the narrow masking tape will likely be the answer to finishing the sportster tank. We'll see, because I still haven't settled on a design yet.



  1. I was happy to put the plow in storage over a month ago. It seems odd that you are still getting snow. I’ve seen a lot of bikes out and about the last week or so. BTW, the tank looks really nice. I don’t have the nerve to take on a paint project.

  2. Thanks. Theres one spot on the tank that looks good until a light is shined on it. Paint is thin. I may just put a sticker over it for now and put the bike together...not sure. We got a few inches again overnight but the roads had enough heat in them to melt it. Everything else looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.