Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Bowling League

 Our family has come up with a new tradition that we've followed now for three years. Brunch and bowling in Milwaukee. The place we go to has pool tables and pinball and we all enjoy some time playing.

 None of us bowl much except for two that went out and practiced twice after a particularly poor performance last year. In fact, because I was using a cane last year its been two years since I've bowled. To be honest, we all suck but we suck at the same level. We have a good time and thats all that really matters.
 One of my daughters made a traveling trophy that went to the high score for the day. Its an embarrassing low number so lets just say a pro bowler could have beat it in less than six full frames.

 Bunny Bowl! Ya, that's what we're calling it.
 My wife and I have discussed secretly going out and practicing so next year one of us can take home the trophy and maybe make the children cry. The problem with that plan is my back didn't care much for bowling. That is a sweet trophy though and it would look good on my mantle :-)


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