Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sportster Fender

 Last week I told you about the sporty tank and my painting adventures. I decided to get some polishing compound and buff it out just to see how it would look. The quality of the paint in the areas where I sanded it out decent look pretty good even though the job as a whole is quite amateurish. Heres the deal. I'm thinking the weather is gonna break soon and I want that bike on the road. I know if I continue with my graphics plan the whole project will be set back at least a few weeks. I can't accept that so the tank is done for now...maybe even till next winter. I still need to paint the front fender and I decided to get the bulk of it sanded the traditional way and the uneven areas with paint stripper. Wow that stuff works good.

 It didn't take much to get the old paint off and I followed up by filling a small dent. This time around I'll use lacquer rather than enamel paint and see how it goes.

 My air brush adventures hadn't gone so well but I don't even know what I was using for paint. Just a jar of some hobby paint that didn't go through the brush well. I decided to order actual air brush paint and I'll give it another try on my test tank.

 Even if things go all right in the air brush department I don't think I'll attempt anything on the sporty till I get some practice in. I was thinking about painting a design on my new toolbox hutch roll up door. If I can't get that right then I have no business trying to paint a bike tank. We'll see how it goes.


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