Sunday, April 29, 2018

Prime Rib and Gruel

 Yesterday was the first day this spring I had worked in the field as opposed to turning wrenches or helping customers at the shop. It felt good to be outside all day but then again I felt that I had been outside working all day. One of the tasks we were working on was fixing some turf damage along sidewalks in a high profile area. I found that a Garden Weasel is a wonderful tool for loosening soil in preparation for seed in the areas that the power slit seeder couldn't get. The only problem was that the handle is way too short and the amount I had to lean really messed with my back. I found the best cure to be handing the Weasel off to someone else, making me the weasel.

 Luckily I was the senior weasel on the job and I could get away with that. Another task that had to be done today was fertilizing. We use these small stand on units and they really work well although the ride is quite bumpy and (you guessed it) it messes with my back. It sucks getting older.

 After work my wife and I decided we would go out for dinner. The goal for me was prime rib and old fashioneds. Unfortunately for my wife her meal was terrible. How bad was it? Well, Miss Tipper Extraordinaire left no tip. Nothing, notta, zero, zilch. In 30 years I have never seen her do that. It wasn't just the food but the whole way they tried to push people through like we were cattle, not to mention a lousy wait staff. I don't have anything nice to say but I won't bash them by saying where it was. The place was packed and obviously others enjoy going there.
 To top things off, on the ride home while my wife thought she was gonna get sick, we ran into this:

 Not only was it long but it came to a complete stop. Grrr. Some days ya just can't win.



  1. I'm sorry to say that your story would be pretty funny if it wasn't true....

  2. Its funnier now as I look back on it.