Sunday, April 22, 2018

First Ride

 That foot of snow we got last weekend is melting away at a pretty fast rate. There's a lot of grass showing already but not all exposed grass is a good thing. In a spot by my garage that was snow covered in the morning there is now a dandelion. I'm not happy about that because I can just image customers calling in wanting their lawns sprayed when I haven't even been there for the first two rounds, not to mention the fact that the ground is too soft for equipment. Enough about weeds.

 With temps near 60 and the sporty in pieces I made the command decision to roll the Ultra out of the garage. After making a few checks I thumbed the starter and brought the beast to life. Everything seemed alright until I noticed the bikes rear suspension was raising to full height on its own. This is a problem that came and went last year so I knew I had to clean the "up" valve in the ride height control.

 I spent maybe half an hour looking the bike over before I decided it was ready for the road. 

 It wasn't a long ride but it really felt good to be back on a bike. There sure are a lot of buttons on this bike and I admit to forgetting what a few of them do. I guess I'll just have to do some more riding and get back that muscle memory. 
 I thought about taking my wife to dinner on the bike but knew it would be a cold ride home as the temp was sure to drop quick after the sun went down. Prime rib and an old fashioned were just what I was craving and we found a place that chars and seasons the meat just right.

 I'll most likely get out for a ride again today. I need to wash the bike and look closer for damage from that tip over in the garage this winter. A quick inspection yesterday only revealed that large scuff in the fairing and I think it'll buff out.



  1. Quite the change since your post last week. And mostly for the better. The Ultra has an aftermarket air suspension?

  2. Yes. Basically I wasn't comfortable with the ride height while two up. More here:

  3. Nice you finally got out. Still a few days away here. I have a very muddy 1/2 mile private road to navigate first, and the main roads are still covered in sand. But by next weekend should be a “go”.

    1. That sounds like a good reason to buy another bike that will better handle the muddy road. Can't have too many bikes.

    2. Working on it. Have an '82 Kawasaki 440LTD that I'm thinking of rebuilding as a sort of dual purpose bike, ideal for muddy and gravel roads. Just another project.....