Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halloween Party

 When I was used truck shopping I thought a four door would be nice because the extra cab space would make dry secure storage for tools or whatever that normally go in the bed of a truck. Hauling passengers wasn't really a concern. My last truck was only a two seater with a subwoofer as a center console and that never seemed to be an issue. Now that I have a big ass station wagon I wonder how we got around without third row seating. Many times now I've put that third row back in for family get togethers and last night was another example when we all stuffed into the big yuke and headed off to Brooke and Mikes annual Halloween party. 


 Dinner was a chili dump. Its amazing that people can bring all different kinds of chili and dump it into one big nesco and not have it taste like crap. In fact most people go back for more. I had three bowls, all covered in cheese, fritos chips and sour cream. Oh and cold beer to wash it down.

  Amazon let my wife down when they didn't get her antennae here on time so we had to improvise with a pair of zip ties instead. 

 There was even an appearance from Dumb and Dumber. 

 A hay ride is always part of the event and halfway through we stop and watch fireworks. This pic doesn't do any justice to the great effort Mike put forth to entertain us. The fireworks were spectacular! 
 Today the kids come around for trick-or-treat. Right now the weather is kinda wet and crappy but it could stop raining by then. When I was a kid the weather would not have been a factor. If it was wet and dark you used your kid superpowers to sniff out the next door with free candy behind it, and race there as fast as you could. Shortcuts through peoples yards occasionally bumping into trees or tripping over bushes was the norm. At the end of the night you looked like you had been through combat. Nowadays if its raining you don't leave the protection of Moms umbrella. 
 I suspect someday a generation will be telling tales of how they went trick or treating and walked from house to house. They stayed dry by hiding under moms umbrella. The city and fire departments were posted on each end of town to warn outsiders that kids were in the area. Everyone felt safe. They'll be telling this to their kids as those kids fly their trick-or-treat bag equipped drones door to door. There will be a little tv screen with an emoji of what the kid might have looked like if they had made an effort at a costume. No one will be leaving the house or ever get to experience what its like to run into a wooden fence at full speed cuz your wet monster costume mask slid down your face and left you blind. Somehow there wasn't a connection between your eyes not seeing and your legs chasing candy. Smack, you hit the fence and begin learning life lessons like common sense. Future kids won't get that kind of hands on life learning experience and that's part of whats wrong with society today.


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