Sunday, October 7, 2018

Need A Lift?

 The Yukon purchase has been a good one so far. The big station wagon rides decent, gets better gas mileage than my last ride and pulls my trailer just fine.

Mowby Dick photo bomb. What a dick.

 Part of my goal in this purchase was to have a vehicle that will get me to work in the worst of Wisconsin winter road conditions. You know, like when they pull the plow trucks off the road till a blizzard ends. It doesn't take much to meet that goal. Good heat to keep the glass clear, tires that eat big chunks of snow and make their own trail, and decent ground clearance to clear drifts and ruts.
 The first part is easy and most vehicles will pass as long as they have heated mirrors. The second detail is a simple matter of purchasing different rubber. The tires on the truck now have a lot of tread left so we'll see how that plays out. The last point, ground clearance, will soon be addressed.

 This was delivered damn near to my door the other day. I say near because they left it on the front step just outside of the porch overhang. The box was rained upon all day.

 I researched lift kits before looking at any vehicles. I was looking for the best bang for the buck and didn't want to be stuck with a vehicle that needed a $1000+ investment to get it a few inches higher. This Rough Country kit is 3.5 inches at a cost of $580. The things I liked about this kit were the use of different upper ball joints that have more range of motion, and a differential drop that keeps the cv shafts at the proper angle. The big suv will ride the same, just a little higher.
 This weekend is spoken for so maybe next weekend I can look at doing the install.



  1. What is used on the rear suspension? Not familiar with current GM setups. And, is the pitman arm dropped as well?

  2. The rear only goes up 2" with a coil spring spacer and shock extensions. This keeps original parts and ride quality, along with making the rig level. The front gets 3.5 inches and uses a rack and pinion setup. I noticed the instructions come with new alignment specs.


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