Wednesday, August 28, 2019


 I had a good vacation so lets not ruin it by forcing me to write something witty right after nine posts in a row. I'm not that creative or interesting. I will post something because I made a promise to myself to post every Wednesday and Sunday. There were no promises about post quality so anything goes. Lets see, while in Hot Springs we were in a store along the Appalachian Trail checking out the gear and nic nacs when I saw this plaque:

 I started laughing uncontrollably because its quite true, and decided it had to come home for my wife. The cats treat this place like its a day spa and we're here for massages and meals. In return we get the smell of crap every time they drop ass, the whining just before meal time and hair everywhere.

We also get the occasional "puke present". Thats where they situate themselves right in the middle of whatever room you're in and start ralphing on the carpet. "Here ya go, I made this just for you". Gee thanks. Now I'm not saying I didn't do this a time or two back in my single days living in a place called the Animal House. I did, but I cleaned it up...eventually.

 Gotta go. Oliver is giving me a dirty look because I'm late giving him his early morning scratches behind the ears.


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  1. Yeah that's like the joke: "Dogs have owners, cats have servants."
    Our cat only knows who I am when he's hungry or he wants out!