Wednesday, August 21, 2019


 Today started out like most here in Maggie Valley,  with maps out and weather apps rolling.
  We decided to ride to Chimney Rock and do lunch. It really doesn't matter which way you point the camera, there's great scenery everywhere.
  Part of the ride included the Blue Ridge Parkway and we stopped at a traditional photo spot. I took a selfie of a selfie. When I get our group pic from J.T. I'll post it.
  While on the parkway  we spotted some heavy rain and were able to keep ahead of it. It was a pretty decent day for riding and except for two slugs putting along on the parkway we had light traffic. Big thanks to BillT for his great job of navigating and leading the ride.
 We're discussing dinner plans now. Last night was the Chinese buffet. Not sure where we may end up tonight.


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