Saturday, August 17, 2019

Check List

Before leaving on a bike trip I always go through a checklist to ensure I have everything I need to make it as trouble free as possible.  One item on the list is checking the weather radar.
Traveling the length of illinois sucks on it's own. Throw in some craptastic weather and you have the makings of a disaster vacation. The leading edge of that rain looks nasty so my plan was to drag my feet a bit, meaning riding close to the speed limit, and let the worst pass by. I hit heavy rain near Rockford and was soaked to the bone. Water was running down my leg and into my boots and I was sitting in a puddle of water. None of this would have happened if I had stopped to put on my rain gear but I'm on vacation and if I want to be a stubborn idiot then who's gonna stop me? Once past the wet stuff I turned my seat heater on to "slow roast" and dried my nuts. The rest of the ride was great weather and even too hot at 94 degrees in Paducah.  I didnt check the odometer yet but I think it was about a 550 mile day. Surprisingly I don't feel too bad and I stopped to pick up a couple friends to make me feel better.
We cant get this stuff at home. I don't know if it's good beer or on the same level as Schlitz or Black Label but I enjoy it.
 Next on the list is dinner at Rafferty's.


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