Friday, August 23, 2019

Some Rain

The weather forecasters have been threatening rain all week. We did get caught in some showers but for the most part we've lucked out. Last night the hard rain started right after we got back from dinner.

 Today we decided to ride through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and into Townsend for a Mexican lunch. On the way back we saw about 20 elk which was kinda a treat because everywhere in town they talk about elkfest but we hadn't seen any elk. It was nice to see their hype wasn't just a tourist draw.

 We also decided to stop at an old mill in the park.

So the water is diverted along this duct toward the mill.

The tall brick structure is a water chamber. I think the dude said it holds 12 tons of water. That water is then discharged through a 15 inch pipe to a water turbine. 

 The turbine is more efficient,  smoother and quieter than a water wheel. Inside, our guide explained the process of milling corn and wheat and he still does some milling for the tourists.

This place is like 130 years old and looks like it could stand for another hundred with little help. I enjoyed our tourist stop very much.
 Tomorrow is gonna be about a 600 miler heading home. Hopefully I can dodge some of the crappy weather that's been hitting states north of here.
 It's been a good vacation.


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