Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Test post 2

Three more work days before I leave on vacation. I like the sound of that. Of course no more work days sounds better but sometimes you just take what you can get.
I plan to make a short post each day on vacation but in the past I've had problems doing that from my phone. This a test of that ability.
The pic is of a property where we did an automower install yesterday. Its blocks from Lambeau Field and 70 miles one way from the shop. Normally we look at a job, discuss options and bring any extra materials or tools for the install. We know what to expect when we arrive to do the work. This unit was an internet purchase so due to the distance, we kinda went in blind. Luckily the owner was willing to commit to some changes that have to be made to allow our machine to pass along side the house. We have mixed feelings whether or not to continue with these types of installs where a customer just makes a purchase online without being able to discuss with a dealer if it will work or not. In the end it boils down to us doing all the labor at a fixed rate while someone else makes the profits from the sale. If the purchaser has a problem or just a question,  guess who's time they're gonna eat up.
So far these are just concerns and not issues. We have a pretty good system in place and the machines work well if properly installed. This one needs to work. Installed yesterday and today the owner leaves for six weeks. Not the ideal situation for sure.
 So I tried to make this post from the Blogger app. Apparently that doesn't work. I'm stumbling through this from a web page on my phone. This is gonna be a shit show. Oh, no pic?

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