Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Photo Dump

 Years past I was using the Blogger app to write this blog and was only able to upload one pic at a time.  Now I can add multiple pics from my phone so I'll do just that.

 First of all, Ed showed up pulling an enclosed trailer. Inside was an '89 HD Ultra classic. With only 30 miles drive time since he bought it, he was to have an exiting day learning his new to him bike.

 Frank made the ride up from Georgia and we had a nice dinner and visit with him. We even managed to get in a few hours of poker.

Today we rode to Hot Springs  for lunch at Iron Horse Station restaurant.  The food was good as usual and afterwards we walked the Appalachian trail.  Well just one block of it but sometimes it's all about quality and not quantity.
When we got back to Maggie Valley we decided to take the Elevated Mountain distillery tour.
Afterwards we went to the grocery store and had some tough decisions to make.
 When dinner time rolls around we'll all pile into Ed's truck and find some grub.


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