Sunday, March 1, 2020

Another Boring Post

 Yes I'm talking about the triple rack again but the boring I'm referring to was boring two hundred holes for hex bit holders. Maybe this blog can be a yawn fest at times but I enjoy creating it so lets move on.
 I finished moving my Blue Point socket set out of its blow molded case and onto a triple rack panel. I suspect I'll get asked about the labels I used so heres a link to their site. I got them on Amazon. I'm sure they will stick better to a smooth piece of metal rather than a rough piece of wood. I'm wondering if I should just shoot some clear over them now instead of waiting to see how long they stay put.

 Another panel making progress is the T-handle panel.

 Nice easy access to these tools will be much enjoyed. I just hated unstacking these things every time I needed one. 
 Clamping a "fence" to the drill press table allowed me to keep all the holes in a nice straight line. That fence was also the test mule for checking the various depths of holes I'd need for different style bits. The spacing was all on me and turned out ok.

 Check it out:



  1. Did you put a magnetic strip at the bottom of the socket holes? Very nicely done!

    1. I considered it but after I made a few test holes with my forstner bits I decided a magnet wasn't needed. In fact, after paint got in the holes I had to re-drill or sand some of them.