Sunday, March 15, 2020

3/4" Socket Rack

 When I started thinking about what tools were going to hang on the triple rack, I knew I'd have extra space in the 72" box for some of the tools I had taken home. My 3/4" socket set was one of those tools. Its a cheap set from probably 30 years ago but has saved my butt a few times and I haven't broken a socket yet but I did replace the ratchet after it broke under the persuasion of a long cheater bar. You'll get that.
 The metal box this set came in is pretty durable but moving the whole set at once is clumsy. Grabbing the size I think I need and one socket on each side of it (just in case) will work out just fine. By this I mean I'm gonna put the sockets in a rack in the big drawer of the 72 with the rest of the socket sets. This will require a socket rail or rack and when I went online to investigate for such a device what I was seeing were fairly high priced racks with the wrong number of pegs for my set. I decided to make one.
 I had some wood left over from the triple rack project but did have to buy $3 worth of wooden dowel. That didn't break the bank and certainly falls within the guidelines of "gearhead on a budget".
 First I had to cut the wood to width and then lay the sockets on it for spacing.

 Once I knew where the pegs would go I got to use my forstner bits again. I should have bought these years ago.

 For the pegs I decided to put an angle on the top so I could label them and easily see those labels. After the angles were cut on the compound miter saw, I used Grandpas table saw to cut them to length.

A little sanding...

 Here is what the rack will look like before paint.

 It turned out pretty good from a visual standpoint but once I tried to put the sockets on I found I had a problem. They fit good before the dowels were painted but now many of them required multiple f-bombs to be removed. I ended up sanding all the dowels down till the sockets slid on with ease.
 Its all in the video:


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