Sunday, March 8, 2020

Another Triple Rack Update

 I know, you're asking why I keep talking about this damn triple rack thing and that tool box. The answer is because thats what I've been working on and the bottom line is that this blog is about what I'm up to. When I start another project we'll talk about that till you want to puke.
 In todays video I show you that I've cleaned the hutch. I have an office at the shop that I've pretty much walked away from except for a large filing cabinet. All my office type activities happen at my tool box now that its morphed into more of a work center. This time of year when spring landscape proposals are going out and people are signing up for fert and squirt apps is pretty busy for me as far as office type activities go and the "work center" has been an acceptable compromise.
 In the video you'll see I've started hanging hammers and pry bars. Here is the first hammer holder I cut.

 Each of those lines represent a stage in the thought process of how I wanted to make these holders. In the end they turned out way less complicated than the above pic would suggest.

 I also will show you progress on the hex bit holders. I've been using this part of the triple rack all week and am very happy with how it has turned out. Blow-molded cases blow and not having to deal with them speeds things up. As I age, my eyesight has been getting worse. I plan to put some type of labels on the front of the bit holders to help speed up the discovery process. Other than that, this section probably won't get any other improvements.
 By the way, I do own more than one shirt. This just happens to be my go-to shirt this winter and its always clean when I get dressed on Saturdays.
 Check it out:



  1. I like this update. Especially the measuring instruments. I just commented on the video but wasn't sure if you looked at those.

  2. I do check out those comments but I sometimes miss a few and catch them later. Those videos are gaining popularity and I can't imagine how people running big channels deal with it. I have less than 200 subscribers and my phone is chirping all the time. It must be a full time job managing a popular channel.

    1. You must be doing something right with the videos!