Friday, August 19, 2016

A Short Hike

Frank and I went to breakfast this morning where an old Harley rider quizzed him about his BMW. This guy fit the Harley stereotype perfectly and it was interesting hearing his complaints about his hog and the questions he was asking. Who knows, Frank may have converted one. I think that may raise his status in the Beemer community. They probably have a vest pin for that although I doubt he is the kind of guy that would wear it.
After breakfast we went our own ways. Frank to meet his daughter and I went for a ride. It was good to see Frank and the rest of the guys that showed up.  
One of my goals for this week was to actually get off the bike and hike one of the many trails I've seen in the area. Of course I'd have to ride to these trails so win-win.
The only real hiking I've done lately is taking the long route from my recliner to the fridge so I knew better than to try anything aggressive. Riding boots, check. Bottle of water, check. Camera, good to go. I stopped at a few of the popular trail heads on the Blue Ridge Parkway and wandered off. I got to see some waterfalls and enjoy some mountaintop views . Another trail was steep, narrow and rocky and  threatened to twist my ankle with every step. A little time alone in the woods is a good thing and the walk reminded me I should probably get in better shape.
The ride back to Maggie Valley  was a wet one and now 20 minutes later everything is dry again. Weird weather here. Tonight I'll plan a dinner ride for some where ive never been before and then ill be leaving here in the morning.


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