Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dragon Loop

That's what I called it last year but today's ride was about great weather, minimal traffic on scenic roads and good friends. The Dragon as they call it was just a connecting road between two places we wanted to be. With its claim of 318 curves in 11 miles, the road attracts a lot of hooligans. Not all those riders are necessarily good riders as we saw one wadded up bike being loaded on a flatbed. That rider must have been in the ambulance we passed because I didn't see him in the squad car. Speaking of cops,  when I came through there the other day I saw 5 of them patrolling the area. For me the Dragon is officially dead.
What's not dead is sitting on the porch at Deals Gap motorcycle resort and watching the bikers come and go. We discuss the pros and cons of the different bikes we see and judge the skill level of the various riders. Bench racing I guess. It's a fun way to relax before finishing out our ride back to the motel.
That's all for today. Sorry, no pics. It's not that I didn't take any but the blogger app is giving me grief when I try to load them.

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