Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Workshop Wednesday-Back To Reality

I saw this sign while on vacation.

 No mowing or spraying? Now that really is a vacation for a guy that's been involved in landscape maintenance most of his life. What I need now is a sign that says "Don't bring me your broken shit till I get caught up from being gone for a week". The pic would be a customer standing there with a chainsaw in his hand, the starter cord hanging all the way out, with a red circle and slash through the pic.
 Everyone at the shop has their own backlog of stuff to fix so I knew it was gonna be like this. And its not just at the shop. When I arrived home on Sunday and rolled into the garage, I only had one narrow strip of clean concrete to park the bike. I had left quite a mess from all the projects I was in a hurry to complete before departing on vacation. I guess what they say is true. Be careful what you wish for.


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