Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Highlands for Lunch

Today Bill had to leave us. He made plans to visit his mother in Atlanta. That meant Dan and I would follow him till we were hungry, and our stomachs growled near Highlands. First stop we made was for fuel and when I saw what was obviously a local working man, I asked him where the best place to eat was in town. He offered directions and we later saw him there eating. That place is called The Ugly Dog bar and we did have a good meal there.
Bill left us from the bar and Dan and I headed back north. The roads here are in great condition and obviously twisty as we motored up and down the mountains. When it looked like we might get wet, we stopped and got the gear on. Good thing because it rained all the way back to the motel and some of it was coming down hard.
Some say rain and twisties don't mix. It's doable if you're careful and we were plenty careful. We did have to make a few stops to "de-fog" but for the most part we pushed through. My official HD rain gear and boots did their job. My neck line is damp but that's from the wall of water sprayed up by passing trucks as they splashed through huge puddles standing in the road. I would equate it to a water ride at a theme park. Dan's gear didn't do as well. He looks pretty wet right now.
I think I'll ride up and see if Crazy Bob has anything new in his store.


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