Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hot Ride

My day started out at 5am like it usually does even though I didn't have an alarm set. I forced myself to lay there for another hour and try to rest but that time was spent watching the weather channel. What I learned was I needed to continue south or face another wet ride. As it turns out a little rain would have been welcome as Temps were in the 90s. I didn't check the mileage for today but I know I had three gas stops and the shortest one was 160 miles. The Ultra took 4 gallons that time.
I'm writing this as I wait to get into an Italian restraunt and enjoy a meal. My wife has taught me to try finer dining so what the hell.  No fast food this week.
Tomorrow I'll ride around the Smokie Mountains area before heading to Maggie Valley. A day to myself in some of the most scenic riding I know of. Maybe I'll remember to take some pics.

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