Sunday, August 21, 2016

Vacation Wrap Up

 I had some issues trying to post pics on Blogger while using my phone this past week so today I'll just catch up on those pics.
Day one and I got wet. Little did I know but this was just the beginning.

A pic I manage to capture every time I visit. This is the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Chillin at Mt Pisgah while waiting on friends for lunch.
The Tree of Shame at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort.
Dan and I stopping to "defog" on a wet ride.
The gentleman in the center is the owner of the bike with the gas powered pusher seen in the background. From post-Time Machine
A short hike led me to this wonderful waterfall.
I just had to stop due to limited visibility.
 So thats it. I have some stills and footage from the GoPro that I haven't looked at yet. Maybe there will be something worth posting in that mess.



  1. What is it about the Blueridge Mountain Parkway. I've been there three times and every time it has been in the rain. Still beautiful though.

    1. This time of year in that will get lots of popup showers. Happens every year.