Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Taking in Some Clean Air

 From the day I bought the Ultra I always wondered why people were swapping out the stock air filter on their new bikes. I had convinced myself that the original unit was satisfactory...until I saw how small it was. My lawn mower has a bigger air filter. It was also pretty dang dirty and had been replaced once already. I wanted something I could wash.

 I opted for the Billet Extreme Ventilator or something like that. It's a large oval exposed element filter that came with a rain sock. Ya that adds one extra thing to remember to do when the weather is crap but that's all part of this game we play with our bikes. When "gearing up" for the weather becomes a hassle well then I guess I'm done. So far I've been happy with it and I kinda dig the looks too. My original concern was that it would hit my leg when I tried for the rear brake pedal but that's not the case. My other concern was the sucking sound I would hear. Not the rush of air into the engine, rather the sound of money being pulled from my wallet. Ya gots to pay if ya wanna play and Harley is pretty proud of their shiny bits no matter where they were made.
 I'll get plenty of seat time next week to test it and the other mods I've worked on in the past weeks. Saturday I'm heading out for 9 days on the bike. I know where I'm going, same as last year, but have not yet looked at a route. I plan to make a post at the end of each day so if you're curious how a chainsaw mechanic from wisconsin spends his time off then stay tuned. Be warned, don't expect anything spectacular. Just being on the bike is vacation enough for me.


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