Thursday, August 18, 2016

Time Machine

This morning started out enjoying a hearty breakfast with Dan and Frank. Afterwards we decided to go to the Wheels Through Time museum and check out the old iron. As many times as I've been there I always find something new that makes the visit special. Ya they have some new pieces and they did some rearranging but that's not what did it for me this time. As we were looking at old Harley powered gardening equipment, a group of people walked up pushing an old bicycle that had an engine powered third wheel attached along side the rear tire.
Big deal, right? Actually what we were witnessing was a man in his 90s along with his son that were donating this bike to the museum. The man wanted us to see how people got around when he was young. He told his story about being a mechanic for Ford and also being a small engine mechanic. It was interesting to hear him talk about the way things were back in his day and it got me thinking about the equipment we run now. I mean, every generation thinks they have it so good with the current technology available. Do you think future generations  will wonder how we ever dealt with pot holes in the road as they hover along on a cushion of air or a magnetic field? Things will change but how fast and how much will I see?
There have already been huge advancements in technology since I was born but I really thought by now I'd be commuting with a hovercraft or jet pack. I actually feel kinda cheated that I'm not and I blame it on those tech magazines I read as a kid for putting the idea in my head. Until then I'll just keep scrubbing rubber on asphalt.


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