Wednesday, August 3, 2016

An Exhausting Day

 The other day my wife pointed out to me that there was only one weekend left to work on my bike before I head out on a 9ish day vacation. This was an eye opener because I still have some changes I want to make to the bike and I had been down playing the departure date so I wouldn't get all worked up about it. The worst part about leaving for vacation are the days prior to departure when your not vacationing. To ease the pain I've been wrenching on the bike after work this week and that will probably continue for quite a few days yet. A most excellent way to pass the time.
 Yesterday was exhaust day.

 I removed the stock head pipe and installed American Customs Power Flex header. My heat shields were reused and I kept the Screaming Eagle Street Cannon slip ons. Because my new air ride suspension has a wider range of travel I will have to relieve the mufflers near the lower shock mount. Ya, I'm gonna whack them with a hammer. They don't need much "adjusting" and will be hidden behind the saddle bags. In the end this setup may add a little power and noise and will definitely run cooler than stock, a welcome relief with the weather we've been having.  I'll let you know how that turns out.
 Next will be to replace the air filter and flash tune the ecm.


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