Sunday, August 7, 2016

How Low Can You Go?

 For me I guess the answer is 2".

 As you may know by now, I've added an air ride suspension system to the Ultra. Lovin it. One thing that bothered me was that the mounts I ordered for the compressor and air tank interfere with my filler lights as seen in the above pic.  There's nothing worse than spending an assload of cash for Harley bling that you can't use.
 In this pic you can see the stainless tank bolted to the fender strut. Its mounting bolts protrude into the area where my filler lights belong. I needed to move the tank and I found a nice spot for it under the tour pack. One little piece of angle iron was all that was needed to make the swap.

 The challenge, and I love a motorcycle related challenge, was to relocate the compressor. It only needed to move a half inch but it couldn't use the mounting holes it was designed for. Below is the bracket I came up with.

 I guess it took about an hour of head scratching to decide what I wanted to do and an hour to make it. It looks like a big bracket but it is mostly hidden when installed. I also wanted something that wasn't gonna break loose and jam up in the rear wheel. In the above pic you can "Where's Waldo" the new location of the air tank.
 One other bonus that came with this repair session was the realization that the mufflers didn't need to be smashed with a hammer to clear the lower shock mount. I just added a 1/4" spacer between the muffler mount and the plate that supports it. Sweet.

 And here is the completed install of the compressor. I still need to tidy up the wiring and air lines and I want to create an emergency kit to repair the system on the road. Maybe a few feet of air line, some tools and a way to manually pump up the shocks if needed.

 We've put a few tanks of fuel through the bike with this setup and basically I can set it and forget it. When I get into a situation where I want better footing, like to back up the bike, I just let a little air out. I still have a couple tweaks to make, like regulating the dump speed. The air comes out fine if you're slamming it in a parking lot but comes out way too fast if trying to make an adjustment on the fly. I'll work on that today.


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