Monday, August 15, 2016


Today's post comes at you a little early. This morning my phone rang and to my surprise it was my buddy Dan. Turns out he and Bill are gonna be rolling south on the Blue Ridge Parkway and want to meet for lunch at Mt Pisgah. Well duh, I'm in.
I had a lot of time to kill so I dinked around in Cherokee, NC for a while, topped off the fuel tank and headed for the Parkway. I played with the Gopro a little and maybe a future post will contain a video.
At first the Parkway was all mine. It's a nice ride just sweeping left and right for miles with nobody in the way. As I neared Pisgah I found myself behind a red vette and the driver was obviously an arrogant jackass.  Besides not being able to keep off the double yellow, the only time he got over 40mph was in the one passing zone we encountered. Most people have the common courtesy to pull into a scenic overlook and let traffic pass. I wasn't being a hooligan, I just wanted to do the speed limit. Rant over.
As I sit here in the sun watching a hawk soar over the mountains I'm not even bothered by the guy mowing the lawn behind me. I can relate. It would be nice if he'd pick up a few sticks first. He just griiiinds em up!


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